English version: Parisian, calf’s head!…Parisian, ape’s head! [ 2 ]

Parigot tête de veau!….Parigot tête de bonobo!’ (2)

[Parisian, calf’s head!...Parisian, ape’s head!]

by L’Atrabilaire

The rebels of today, those that vomit with most zeal over the Republican cauldron in which all identities are expected to dilute and mingle, one rather finds them among the resistants to the genocide of their people & culture & language – among the ‘underdogs’ of Corsica Nazione and Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna (ETA)… so you can be sure when there are five of them at a meeting, you’ll find a cop or a grass amongst them. It’s not possible for one of them to sneeze, cough, or spit on the ground without generating a five page report that lands on the desks of the DCRI [French Intelligence Agency]. One of them has the misfortune to let off a banger and Christian Prouteau’s counter-terrorist squad is alerted and the GIGN [SWAT] are rushed to the scene…I’m not even kidding….

To take an example that will ring a bell for you: The Basque

Honestly, what could a city rat, anaemic, de-cultured, ethnocided, rootless (because nothing grows on asphalt) and with an unclear origin (who knows not where it is going either: no past, no future; no roots, no branches!) oppose the Basque, who are sprung from a people haematologically certified to be descended from populations that have inhabited Occidental Europe for 30,000 years? What can a newcomer, an avatar of tribes born in the urban…jungle, nourished by halāl hamburgers, educated by the hard discount low-culture of the Rosa Parks secondary school and Yankee TV series’ since his tender childhood, losing all reference points once he leaves the tarmac car park of Lidl, lost as soon as he crosses the Gentilly gates [one of the gates surrounding Paris intra muros]… argue against a people that have survived culturally and biologically on their land for millennia without having been Celticised, Germanicised or Romanised? That the native would be as if by magic sensitive to the Globalist Cosmopolitan ideology that seeks to make everything uniform and preaches the exclusively consumerist discourse of the African American Jacobin-Parisian way of life, preached by Collectif Métissé [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collectif_Métissé] in their crusade in our backcountry, all that because Sarközy said it*? Hmmm…….shall I continue?

What can a patois speaker of Franglais tinged with Arabic oppose in Euskara (the Basque language), one of the most ancient pre-Indo-European languages in Europe and whose mythical origin is still unknown today? Would the Parisian have the idea of telling the Basque that they speak a backward ‘patois’ that will melt like snow in sunshine before the Enlightened spirit that he, a Parisian, magnanimously spreads throughout the world? These indigenous people, like Erichthonius, like us, have been birthed directly from their Terra Mater; do you now understand better why you mustn’t cut off your nose to spite your face, with your evangelical universalism and calls for ethnic suicide? We have no wish to mix! And remember the old adage: ‘Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum / What might be right for you, may not be right some / Diff’rent Strokes-it takes / Diff’rent Strokes-it takes / Diff’rent Strokes to move the world’** Well, now apply this maxim.


Well then, I’m not mean, I’m gentle (a gentile – goy)! You’re proud of your culture? You still have a ‘culture’ and it’s all about your honour, that’s becoming more and more rare. You want to set up an association? No problem. A meeting? Go ahead. A political party? Go. My wallet? Hahaha, carte ‘blanche’, ‘Nobody makes your day like McDonald’s can’ But…there is one thing that bothers me… ‘i a quicòm que truca’ [Occ. ‘there’s something wrong’] as we say: when your Arabic, Black, Jewish, Asian ‘brothers’ found a community-based organisation they are ‘protecting their heritage’ and become an object of admiration for any Parisian bourgeois bohemian, that praises the quality of this endeavour and supports it: ‘But how beeaaauuuutifulll…Yeeeees…the Aboriginal Peoples!’*** From here, multiple financial grants rain down with the approval of the dominant ideology of politically correct thought, this new civil religion, this modern Inquisition, 800 years after the Medieval ‘Holy Inquisition’, which determine what is Good and what is Bad, what is acceptable to think.

However, the mere idea, inevitably ‘questionable’, ‘tendentious’ or ‘nauseating’, of White Communitarianism on its native soil (for all Occitans, Bretons, Basques, Corsicans etc…who were criminally cut off from their ancestral roots by the Republic…and the same for all Franks…in fact especially for the Franks) makes it an internal enemy, a ‘fascist’, or a ‘nazi’ (because, as you have noticed, the enemies of Europeans, often Western Europeans themselves moreover, intercontinental champions of masochistic self-flagellation, often resort to the reductio ad Hitlerum – that is to say, to excessively ascribe every opinion they dislike to the National Socialist Krautish regime, the incarnation of absolute Evil for ever and ever****…Amen.) However, we, mesnians, we would like to organise a cocktail & nibbles do, and other ‘fools’ banquets’, to see the experiment with the ‘cono-mètre de Courteline’ [a machine for evaluating human bullshit, according to the author of this fake instrument, Courteline], with people like us, proud of themselves; with members of the ‘chosen people’ to whom the entirety of humanity ‘owes something’ because they ‘brought the idea of God to the world’ (Attali)*****; or with the indescribable Houria Bouteldja [spokesperson of the ‘Indigenous of the Republic’, an anti-imperialist ‘decolonial’ Party in France] who advances the theory that the descendents of camel drivers should ‘assimilate’ the descendents of knights ****** or even with the nutty neo-pagans of the Tribu Ka [A Black supremacy group in France advocating the separation of the races and a return to Africa for Black people] and their salty leader Kémi Seba who pronounces the superiority of the Black race (on the site of these affiliates of CRAN, the Representative Council of France’s Black Associations (Klu Klux Cran? lol), is written : ‘As Khemites (ed.; because these Darkies pretend to have Egyptian [Nubian?] descent lol) each piece of this planet belongs to us, because at a time when the leucoderm (ed.; i.e. the White man, that dirty filth that descends from monkeys ROFL) still walked on all fours in caves, we were kings and lords of this world’ but we can’t, because we’re the bad guys in all this!

Because ‘The Black Panthers’ = cool! In contrast ‘The White Wolves’ = not cool at all…at all!

Any White guy puffing out their chest will inevitably provoke the fury of the bodies of the State Police: the League of Human Rights (which one?), France Libertés, SOS Ra(c/t)isme*******, the SPA [like RSPCA], J’accuse, LICRA [International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism], CRIF [Representative Council of the Jewish Institutions in France], L’AGRIF [General Alliance against Racism], GELD [Group of Study and Struggle against Discrimination], the MIB [Movement of Immigration and Suburbs], ADRI [Agency for the Development of Intercultural Relationship], CFDA [French Coordination for the Right to Asylum], MRAP [Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples], the UEJF [Union of Jewish Students in France], HALDE [French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission]…

L’Atrabilaire, ‘Parigot tête de veau!….Parigot tête de bonobo!’ [Parisian, calf’s head!...Parisian, ape’s head!] in the magazine La mesnie Herlequin #1, forthcoming.


* In 2008, Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, 23rd President of France and Zionist, declared: ‘The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st century isn’t a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We can’t do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems [if interbreeding doesn’t happen, that is]. We must change: therefore we will change. We are going to change all at the same time: in business, in administration, in education, in the political parties… And we will obligate ourselves as to results. If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures.’ (‘Egalité des Chances et Diversité’ meeting in Palaiseau, France, 2008). In 2006 Sarközy attended a public ‘Hanukkah’ party in Neuilly, a Jewish holiday which celebrates the preservation of the Jewish people and customs. So racial interbreeding isn’t forced onto quite everyone after all?

** Excerpt from the theme song for the TV series ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ (1982) written by the Herrenrasse ambassadors Ben Starr and Budd Grossman.

*** ‘Aboriginal’, not ‘Primitive’, detect the nuance… The idea of saving a language of 30 words, never written but drawn, spoken just in 18th century Tataouine by a closed tribe of 40 people whom we have led out from Prehistory is dear to me…but I assure you that saving Occitan – which has been spoken for 1000 years where I live (French has only been spoken for 150 years here), with/for which poetry (in the vernacular) was invented, which was used to edit the first grammatical handbooks, the first universal encyclopaedia, that instigated the first literary competitions etc…in short to which world literature owes everything – is an idea dear to me as well!

**** 25 newspaper/TV/whatever reports per month in France about Hitler (how can a painter be the focus of so much hatred?), 10 documentaries per week about Auschwitz’s ‘death camp’ on French channels (followed by the analysis by Professor J. and the usual survivors’ testimonies, each year more numerous), plus 50 new films each year about ‘The Holocaust’ tend to influence my opinion I know; I cry my eyes out every time – every time – and it does help us to forget other/past/current genocides after all.

***** On the French public TV channel ‘Public Sénat’, ‘NWO teacher’ Jacques Attali [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Attali] said: ‘We can imagine Jerusalem becoming the Capital city of the world, which will be united one day around a World Government. Jerusalem is a nice place for a World Government.’ (2010). In his book ‘A Brief History of The Future’ (2006) Attali talked about this Big-Brother style ‘democratic world government’ created in a period of History he calls ‘Hyperdemocracy’ and that should happen in 2060, according to him. Before then, Attali predicts that nomadism will become the norm in the West as ‘more and more people will leave one country for another: there will soon be more than ten million of them switching countries every year.’ ‘They [will] no longer want to depend on a country whose tax system, legislation, and even culture they reject. And also to disappear completely, to live another life. The world will thus be increasingly filled with people who have become anonymous of their own free will; it will be like a carnival where everyone – ultimate freedom! – will have chosen a new identity for himself!’. Starting in about 2030, Attali foresees ‘devastating wars, pitting nations, religious groups, terrorist entities, and free-market pirates against one another’. Ever more numerous masses [third-world hordes] will hurl themselves at the gates of the West. They already number hundreds of thousands every month; that figure will increase to millions, then tens of millions.’ ‘Money will finally rid itself of everything that threatens it- including nation states, which it will progressively dismantle’, which should also mean the annihilation of identities, cultures, languages, races… Well, not all races, or rather peoples: in 2010 Attali told the European Jewish Congress that the world’s Jewish population needs to rise to 200 million around the world, which means it’s now a question of conversion (‘We should accept anybody who has one Jewish parent or was raised in a Jewish family or wants to live as a Jew’ Attali said in the Israeli newspapers ‘Haaretz’ in 2009). Isn’t that the realisation of the Torah-embedded concept of Jewish supremacy over non-Jewish people who are just goyim, their livestock?

****** The one who wants to put us into decline, declares: ‘As painful as it may be for flag wavers and sycophants of an eternal and Gallic France: WE TRANSFORM FRANCE. In other words, France too INTEGRATES with us. Certainly it takes time, but there is no need of a conspiracy theory caused by Arab-Black-Berber hordes, nor plots formed by sleeper cells of bearded men clenching knives between their teeth. France will never be again like the films of Fernandel. Our mere existence, coupled with a relative demographic weight (1 for 6) of Africans, Arabs, Berbers, Creoles and Muslims, darken the eldest daughter of the church, once white and immaculate, as surely as the flow and the backwash of the waves polish and erode those granite boulders, with their pretence of eternity’ A quote of what she said in February 2009 on the French show ‘Chez F.O.G’ goes: ‘These are the struggles of the Blacks, who civilised the American people.’ Seriously, she is so much fun (perfect for our ‘fools’ banquet’) that she is entitled to appear on all media platforms, a real ‘opportunity for France’ (‘Une Chance pour la France’ as French immigrants are called by our elites. We should all be so happy!). Hip Hip Hip Houria!

******* For ‘SOS Racisme’, anti-White Racism does NOT exist. Plain and simple. You’ve been stabbed by Momo for a cigarette, and told that ‘this is a place for Arabs’? Not racism. You’re a victim of African gang-attacks in a train/metro/tram/bus, where (White) passengers are regularly bullied and stripped? Not racism. Your mother was raped by Zoubir and his tribe and called a ‘dirty white’? Accept it man, it’s ‘a changing world’! French Justice won’t do anything about it. Don’t try to oppose these kinds of situations yourself or you’ll be called a ‘nazi’ by a French community brainwashed by ‘you-know-who’. ‘SOS Racisme’ will make you understand that as an indigenous being (i.e. a white Frenchman in his own country), you do not have the right to complain under penalty of being ostracized or even ending up in court.       

Translation by Martin & L’Atrabilaire.

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