English version: Sanadís – A poor (trowel) work

Sanadís – A poor (trowel) work

‘Fuck me Jesus’’The Virgin Mary is a bitch’…\m/…’Fuck God’…>>>:-(((((…’Defile the name of Jesus’…Oh…you know that you’re going too far there????…You’re going to have problems….oh!!! Would I lie to you! Eh! They’re going to talk about you on ‘M6’ [French channel broadcasting hilariously sensationalist reports about ‘BM and its dangers to society’] you know… dubious analysis by Jacky Cordonnier [Aberrant ‘expert’ on religions and sectarian aberrations], collective exorcism séance with Father Robert Culat [A metal priest on mission to convert the French BM scene. Don’t laugh, it works!], your mouth washed out with holy water, a collection of Jean-Paul II’s homilies played in a loop into your impious ears and the whole shebang. MIVILUDES* will roast you so that you wipe out the whole network, you risk mucking up the entire movement…say nothing…and quick… burn the evidence!….Stash the makeup!!!…And if not….other than that I mean…who do you think you’re scaring, Bozo? Your Civil Education teacher?

Simply concerning your porno-blasphemy photos, I would like to tell you, I delete hundreds every day that are much worse when I clean my email inbox of spam, all that when I am finished checking out the new methods of penis enlargement and newly available Viagra pills, of course.

As for the religious side of things, here’s a little bit of background history for those of you who ditched that particular class:

- 1789: French Revolution

- 1793: Decapitation of Louis XVI; the beheading of Father Capet = the end of monarchy of divine right. ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’ for all.

In graphic terms that you can understand: God was no longer the boss in France. His bitch, Lady Materialism took the reins, opening up her ‘Rugae Public’ to the lower-class, popular cocks on 22nd September 1792. Her mouth, still filled with the remains of the clergy and nobility, was not cleared. Atheist, venal, beggarly, her filthy arse still dishes out the morality of a secularised Christianity, a ‘Catholaïcité’ as sociologists say…Yes, that is to say the smell of shit is always there…but there’s a small chance you’ll get hit by the splash-back.

Yeah, because from thereon in the Liberal, Protestant, Jewish Freemasons in the French Republican elite created a ‘new Enlightened and universal religion’: Laïcité**, that is ‘a religion for the Republic’*** as our French Minister for Education (in 2013), the Jew Vincent Peillon, said. Laïcité is anything but neutral.**** It’s a nihilistic ideology which was imposed on France in 1789 after the dogmatic ‘Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen’, furthered in 1905 by the French law on the ‘Separation of the Churches and the State’, and it led to pure materialism and emptiness. If you want an example of that, the Jew Bernard Madoff wasn’t sentenced to life prison for having sodomised a 3 year-old girl after having snorted a mountain of coke or for blowing a horse and daubing its sperm on a Bible on a public porn Webcam – no, these are all forgivable offences as regards to our Justice system and as regards his morals***** It was simply because he really blasphemed the System by making a massive financial fraud and fucked over a lot of people financially.

Thus, in France, to believe oneself to be ‘extreme’ or even ‘subversive’ when proclaiming oneself as ‘nihilistic’ by attacking God, isn’t that…..totally retarded? Well, at least if you want to be against the System… Because bashing, mocking or ‘blaspheming’ God, Jesus or the Virgin Mary has been actively promoted by the System for decades – have you heard of Madonna or Lady Gaga?… Hasn’t France been ‘nihilistic’ for over 200 years now (here I’m not JUST talking about France): ‘God is as absent as he ever was’ wrote Léon Bloy in The Son of Louis XVI (1900), ‘the common platitudes of the psalms that made the old Hebrews quake, the ‘ne dicant gentes: ubi est Deus eorum’ is finally realised in all its plenitude?’

So….a victory by absence of the opponent?…..Fighting against nothing?…0 (you) against 0 (God)?

In The Gay Science (1882), with a more European perspective, Nietzsche claimed that ‘Gott ist tot’ or ‘God is dead! God stays dead! And it is we who have killed him! How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives’ and before him Hegel in The Phenomenology of Spirit (1807) wrote: ‘God has departed, God is dead – here is the most terrible thought, that all that is eternal, true, is in fact not (…); the supreme sadness, the sentiment achieved by the loss of salvation, the renouncing of all that is highest and linked to it’ and wasn’t that the case yesterday as well, eh? We’re no longer in the times of Voltaire. Otherwise would the big supermarkets sell ‘satanic’ CDs? Would NED have a stall in Virgin Megastores in Paris? It’s all nothing more than a complete fantasy or escapism, a folklore! A rebellion sponsored by SACEM******!! WATAIN is about as shocking as a soundtrack to a big budget horror film…Its entertaining Illuminati-style BM is in fact more likely to flatter the New World Order. It certainly pleases the Luciferian Judeo-masons leading France and its supermarkets (99% of the politicians/industrials of France are Freemasons or Jewish or both). Remember, the Masonic symbol of the Eye in the Pyramid (the All-Seeing Eye) already appeared in 1789 on the top of the French ‘Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen’ and it’s on the back of the American one dollar bill above the 13 tiered pyramid, because that country (the USA) was also founded by Freemasons…

Yes, you could retort to me that France is held to be the ‘Eldest daughter of the Church’ since the conversion of the renegade Clovis in the 5th century, that France has many cardinals, is crawling with bishops, has padres galore, that around 35 million (80% of 18 – 79 year olds) claim to ‘have as their original religion or belong to’ Catholicism (La Montagne, 16th August 2008). Yes, and I would also say that all the French presidents had the title conferred on them of ‘honorary canon’ of St. John Lateran.

But this idea occurs to me: BM must really either inspire fear through truly dragging the hoi-polloi into reality (for example, the ancestral symbol of the sun wheel always inspires more fear than an inverted cross or a pentagram, despite both being ‘symbols of darkness’) or it must remain on the surface of things, attracting all the trendies, fake Goths, all the champions of free expression (‘It is forbidden to forbid’ May 1968 type slogans*******, Flower Power, hippy sex, drugs & rock’n’roll, Anton LaVey style Hollywood Satanism, PUSSY RIOT Russian bitches shoving chickens in their snatches or screaming in Moscow’s main Orthodox Cathedral to hype their worthless punk band, financed by the late Jewish oligarch Boris Berezovsky…) who find Satan or Lucifer cool (like our Freemasonic power elites or Lady Gaga) and bash Jesus and the Virgin Mary as a rabbi would do. After all, don’t MARILYN MANSON, Weston (son of American actor Nicholas Cage), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the three Halliwell sisters of Charmed, or Sabrina, the Teenage Witch all wear a pentagram, don’t they resurrect witchcraft as Wiccans (yes Wiccan, lol)? Aren’t our liberal/libertarian Freemasons organizing esoteric rituals in their secret societies to call up Lucifer, trowel in hand? Would they dare to denounce you to the MIVILUDES* while in their Lodge LOL? Isn’t the message of M. MANSON the same as that of Antichristian BM, doesn’t he even draw public adolescent adulation with cheap thrills and shock images which have been fully exploited by certain salesmen (‘Emperor sell their talent’ said Vindsval of BLUT AUS NORD, ‘Immortal (and many others) sell their image. Jennifer Lopez shows off her arse to sell albums, Immortal show off their teeth and axes…it’s exactly the same principle.’ RT, January, 2002)?

At the same time I see the eruption of a bunch of Ukrainian lesbian whores, the Femen, in each French protest against the tenets of White civilisation. They are never condemned, as if… the System protected them? Last time I checked they were dressed as half-naked nuns and spraying Jesus’ ‘Holy sperm’ onto French Catholic demonstrators that had gathered to oppose homosexual marriage in France. They are financed by the ‘philanthropic’ Jewish Freemason billionaire George Soros of the Rothschild Connection; needless to say they would never attack a synagogue, as if the Talmud and the Torah looked kindly on homos…

It makes me conclude that the whole New World Order, which brought about the French Revolution and wants to get rid of European Civilisation, is anti-Christian, or at least anti-Catholic. In this perspective, is anti-Christian BM still relevant, especially when nowadays in France there is one practising young Catholic for three practising young Muslims, making Islam implicitly the first religion in ‘the country of Human Rights’ (Le Figaro, October 2012)? And when these bearded wonders are now starting to make public prayers beneath your windows in Paris, don’t turn your eyes away as if you didn’t notice them; dare tell them to their faces that their ‘God is a cunt’, rather than cursing at that cemetery or at that Cathedral next door that the Freemasons have emptied. Well, I’m just saying, whatever, huh….

L’Atrabilari, Sanadís – A poor (trowel) work.

Translation : Martin, Monica and L’Atrabilaire.


* MIVILUDES = Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIVILUDES].

** Laïcité (or French secularism) = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La%C3%AFcit%C3%A9

*** According to French historian Jean Lacouture « the Republic in France was made by the protestants and the Jews against the Catholics ; The French Republic is a Judeo-protestant creation. » (Voyage dans le demi-siècle, Interviews with André Versaille, 2001).

**** In the Judeo-protestant French Republic, Christianity is evil: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x58z2a_justice-stress-official-video_music

***** In the Talmud, Rabba said: ‘When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger in the eye, but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown up woman, he makes her as `a girl who is injured by a piece of wood’ (KETHUBOTH, 11a-11b). The Talmud is used for the formation of rabbis.

****** SACEM = Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique, a French professional association collecting payments of artists’ rights and distributing the rights to the original songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

******* Mai 1968 events in France: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mai_1968

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