English version: The Grunting Swine of Gaul

The Grunting Swine of Gaul

The Vandal satanic Kommando being formally posted down in Avinhon – medieval city of the Popes today populated essentially by dogs, Saracens and nutters from the Montfavet psychiatric hospital – Peste Noire was developed between the Ramparts, the Church, the Psychiatric Asylum and the Street: medieval wars, sermons for the end of the world, alienation and urban decay, there you have what we sing about.

We make quintessentially French Black Metal: the universe of De Troyes, Villon, Agrippa d’Aubigné, Crébillon and Céline. And of course, of Rabelais too, this ‘scandal of the ears, of the spirit, of the heart and also of taste, the poisonous and fetid mushroom, born from the dunghill of the Middle Age’s cloister, the grunting swine of Gaul’ according to the words of Lamartine – and this is far too beautiful a definition of what must be PN.

Famine, Diary of PN, in the magazine La mesnie Herlequin #1, forthcoming.

Translation : Martin, Monica and L’Atrabilaire.

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